Is the Ram 1500 steel or aluminum?

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  • alan smith
    In fact, the new Ram 1500 outclasses the Ford F-150 in many different categories of comparison. For example, the new Ford F-150 boasts that it's made with a high-strength aluminum alloy body, while the Ram 1500 uses conventional steel body like most other trucks on the market.
  • Does Mercedes-Benz use air suspension?

    The AirMatic suspension in the Mercedes-Benz serves several purposes. One of these is to absorb the shock of driving on roads that have poor conditions. The suspension will absorb the shock and keep the passengers comfortable even when the car hits huge potholes or runs over bumps.28 May 2021
  • What is the Ram 1500 standard rear suspension?

    Every Ram 1500 has an impressive ride thanks to a rear suspension that uses standard coil springs or optional air springs, unlike the traditional leaf-spring setup found on domestic rivals. Models equipped with the air suspension even have adjustable ride heights that aid fuel efficiency and off-road ability.
  • Are Ram trucks made in America?

    Some of the 2022 Ram 1500 Classic trucks are assembled in Warren, Michigan while others are assembled in Saltillo, Mexico. This throwback of a truck comes in dead last in the American-made truck index. In the all-vehicle index, the only one less American-made than the Ram 1500 Classic is the Honda Civic.12 Feb 2022
  • Are aluminum flatbeds worth it?

    Overview. An aluminum truck bed is generally more expensive than a steel truck bed, although aluminum beds have tremendous benefits. Steel is generally strong enough but only with the burden of heavy weight. Aluminum is less subject to corrosion and therefore requires less maintenance, especially in salty environments.19 Mar 2017
  • Is the 2019 Ram aluminum?

    with high-strength steel, some aluminum.22 Jan 2018