Which Ram pickup truck has a front disconnecting stabilizer bar?

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  • Dxn Cyberjaya
    It's become such a common trick that Ram has incorporated an electronic front sway bar disconnect on every generation of the modern Power Wagon, a 2500-based off-road pickup with all the goodies you'd add to a regular 2500 to make it more rock-crawl capable, straight from the factory.26 Apr 2017
  • Does E class have air suspension?

    All E-Class Estate models feature a suspension system with selective damping, plus full air suspension on the rear axle to keep the car level, even when you're carrying heavy loads.
  • Does the Lexus GX 460 have air ride suspension?

    Meanwhile, its 329 lb-ft of torque – including ample low-end torque – that makes the GX 460 an excellent tow vehicle with a 2,948 kg (6,500 lb) rating. The automatic load leveling rear air suspension and trailer sway control brake system enhance driver control while towing.3 Sept 2020
  • Why do chassis cab trucks have less power?

    Chassis cab trucks have lower horsepower and torque ratings, even with the same engine as a pickup truck. These changes help the truck last longer and increase fuel economy potential, both important for commercial tools. The lower power engine places less stress on the drivetrain, helping it last longer.4 Nov 2019
  • What does Dodge TRX stand for?

    giant Tyrannosaurus Rex
    And there is truth to Ram's 'TRX' representing a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex, but there's more to the story. 2021 Ram 1500 TRX | Ram. In fact, the naming of the Ford F-150 Raptor competition is a bit more about corporate priorities and less about dinosaurs. The name just sort of landed on this new off-road beast.19 Aug 2020
  • What does the 2021 Z71 package include?

    The Z71 package also comes with unique visual features and badging, including a Z71 graphic on the instrument cluster and a special finish on the interior trim pieces. A Z71 badge is also found on the grille, marking the truck as a fully-capable off-road machine.