Is ambient lighting in cars illegal?

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  • kalvin ng
    A motoring myth has been proved to be wrong - you CAN drive with an interior light switched on. Generations of drivers have grown up thinking it is illegal to have the courtesy light on. But the RAC says it's perfectly okay to drive with the white light showing.22 feb 2018
  • Does Lexus RC have ambient lighting?

    Ambient lighting can be found on the new Lexus RC coupe, GS, ES, RX and more! Easy Vehicle Exit. Providing added comfort and ergonomics, the easy vehicle exit feature on Lexus vehicles makes it easier to enter and exit.19 jul 2016
  • Does the 2017 Porsche Macan have adaptive cruise control?

    In terms of safety features, lane-departure warning is standard, and adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking are optional. Car and Driver recommends the Porsche Macan S trim.10 may 2020
  • Does 2018 c300 have ambient lighting?

    Not only is the 2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan's cabin well-equipped, but it also features an ultramodern interior design with hand-finished wood designs, impeccably tailored seats, and three ambient lighting color options.27 sept 2017
  • What interior colors are in the 2022 Honda Odyssey?

    Interior Colors:

    Beige w/Leather Seat Trim [Beige] Black w/Leather Seat Trim [Black] Gray w/Leather Seat Trim [Gray] Mocha w/Leather Seat Trim [Brown]
  • Does the Audi A5 have ambient lighting?

    Striking and customizable, the available ambient LED interior lighting packages of the A5 Coupe offer up to 30 color settings, bringing singular illumination throughout the cabin.