Can hard braking damage your car?

1 Answer:
  • Amin Asri
    Constant hard braking can trigger your ABS when it isn't needed, wearing out and stressing the system prematurely. It can also reduce tyre traction and wear a flat spot onto one or more of your tyres and damage your drive shaft.15 jun 2017
  • What is the difference between protected and unprotected left turns?

    The main difference between a protected turn and an unprotected turn is the fact that a protected turn means there will be a green left (or right) turn signal, and there is no risk of oncoming traffic. On the other hand, an unprotected turn is where you are expected to yield to oncoming traffic.
  • Can the EBD work on a car that does not have ABS Why?

    But EBD takes into account individual wheel loading to decide how much pressure goes to each wheel. So in laymans terms although the ABS might be integrated/piggybacked with the EBD system, but both can exist independently without the presence of the other.9 jul 2007
  • Is it okay to drive with both feet?

    So, technically it's legal to drive utilizing both feet. However, it would make the driving experience more difficult since the driver can run into some problems while on the road. Perhaps, you drive a manual transmission, standard transmission, a car with a standard right foot braking type, or a right hand drive car.10 ago 2021
  • Who makes Lexus brake rotors?

    The company Centric, who owns Stoptech and Powerslot now, is the OEM supplier to Lexus in the USA. So, with that said, get Centric rotors as they are 100% oem.22 feb 2010
  • Which brake is more powerful on a motorcycle?

    Explanation The front brake of a motorcycle is more powerful that the rear brake and can provide at least 70 percent of the bike's total stopping power.