Can you 4 wheel drift in a RWD car?

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  • Arvind Singh
    Rear wheel drive sports coupes were used for drifting for their dynamics, but nowadays where cars come with much more horsepower from factories and give more options to the driver to switch off stability control and other computerized aids , it makes 4wd drifting possible.17 feb 2022
  • How do you calculate maximum cornering speed?

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    The weight plus the down force. Times the radius of the turn divided by the mass of the vehicle.MoreThe weight plus the down force. Times the radius of the turn divided by the mass of the vehicle.
  • What is camber in rolling process?

    The convex shape of sheet is mainly due to deflection or bending of rolls like a beam. To counter this, camber is ground on rolls in the opposite direction so that after deflection the surface in contact with the sheet becomes flat.
  • Is wind load a lateral load?

    Lateral loads such as wind load, water and earth pressure have the potential to become an uplift force (an upward pressure applied to a structure that has the potential to raise it relative to its surroundings).14 sept 2020
  • What happens during cornering?

    The cornering force counters the centrifugal force, giving the tyres the power to grip the road through the turn. You will notice that tyres change shape when cornering. This distortion of the tread blocks happens when the steering angle generates the right amount of front and rear lateral force.
  • How do you calculate vertical stiffness on a tyre?

    Non-rolling vertical stiffness was determined with two methods. One method measured the rate of decay of free oscillation by dropping the tire from a known height and regressing the vertical position versus time data. The second method used the equilibrium load-deflection data from each free vibration test.