Is there a federal warranty on catalytic converters?

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  • George
    Under federal law, the catalytic converter and engine-control module are covered for eight years or 80,000 miles. Some other emissions parts carry shorter federal warranties, usually two years or 24,000 miles.
  • What is the most stolen car brand in the us?

    Top 5 Most Stolen Cars in America
    • Ford Pickup (full size) - Number of thefts: 44,014.
    • Chevrolet Pickup (full size) - Number of thefts: 40,968.
    • Honda Civic - Number of thefts: 34,144.
    • Honda Accord - Number of thefts: 30,814.
    • Toyota Camry - Number of thefts: 16,915.
    11 May 2022
  • Is California doing anything about catalytic converter theft?


    On the Central Coast, there were more than 1,000 catalytic converters reported stolen in 2021 alone and hundreds more in 2022 so far. The hardest-hit areas in 2021 were: Unincorporated Santa Barbara County — 285 reported thefts.
    28 Apr 2022
  • What does a Mazda catalytic converter look like?

    The catalytic converter looks similar to a muffler. It is typically a stainless steel housing with a ceramic honeycomb inside that is full of platinum, palladium and rhodium. These elements help clean up harmful exhaust gases that otherwise would be expelled from the tail pipe.
  • Where is the catalytic converter on a Mazda?

    The catalytic converter is usually on the underside of the car or truck as part of the exhaust system, situated between the engine and the muffler.11 Mar 2021
  • Are Chrysler 300s easy to steal?

    Car thieves have a taste for luxury as well, which is why the Chrysler 300 finds many takers, even if none of them own the car. One common reason for thieves to so easily be able to steal the cars is because many owners end up leaving the key fobs inside the car.7 May 2020

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