Are Mazdas built to last?

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  • Tekanan Jiwa
    Like most modern cars, the Mazda 3 should last you at least 150,000 – 200,000 miles if well maintained and regularly serviced. Most Americans drive an average of 13,500 miles per year. Based on this, your Mazda3 should last at least 10-15 years.31 mar 2021
  • How reliable is the Mazda 2 Sport?

    Mazda usually does well in reliability surveys, but the 2 is an exception to this rule. It only ranked in 19th place out of 23 small cars included in our latest survey. Its major rivals – the Ford Fiesta, Hyundai i20 and Skoda Fabia – all finished above it.
  • How much is Nissan Teana in Kenya?

    Prices of locally used Nissan Teana in Kenya will range from as low as KES 1,000,000 to around KES 4,900,000 for new models. Below is a price guide of newly imported Nissan Teana in Nairobi and Mombasa.
    What is the price of Nissan Teana in Kenya?
    Model YearPrice
    2020KES 3,800,000 ~ 4,900,000
  • Does Mazda have a V6 engine?

    Engine – The Mazda CX-9 is equipped with the capable 3.7L V6 engine capable of 273 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque.
  • Is Mazda3 Axela a good car?

    Mazda cars are highly ranked, and the Mazda Axela for sale in Kenya, also called the Mazda 3, is no exception. It is the ideal car for people who love driving and those seeking the feeling of being connected to the road. The Axela was initially known for its sporty exterior, upmarket interior, and performance.
  • Is the 2006 Mazda Demio a good car?

    "Very happy with mazda demio, best car I've had." "It is light to drive, easy to monouver, takes up little space. Quite peppy for a little car and small engine. With the seats down it's very spacious for that drop off or pick up item you might need or get rid of. .

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