Which Mazda 6 is the fastest?

1 Answer:
  • Fizz Zahari
    A new addition for 2018 was the 2.5-litre Skyactiv-G 194 petrol. This has 191bhp and comes with the six-speed gearbox as standard. It's capable of 0-62mph in 8.1 seconds, making it the fastest model in the range.
  • Are Miata girl car?

    In reality, we don't think the Mazda MX-5 Miata is or was a girl's car. The truth of the matter is that Mazda debuted the Miata in 1990 in its attempt to make a rear-drive, lightweight car that was as fun as the British roadsters from years before.9 sept 2020
  • How much is a Nissan Note in Kenya?

    Prices of locally used Nissan Note in Kenya will range from as low as KES 750,000 to around KES 2,100,000 for new models.
    What is the price of Nissan Note in Kenya?
    Model YearPrice
    2019KES 1,400,000 ~ 1,600,000
    2020KES 1,550,000 ~ 1,800,000
    2021KES 1,800,000 ~ 2,100,000
  • Does Mazda Axela have turbo?

    The very powerful Variant of Mazda Axela is known as Mazda Axela speed which is also known as Mazda 3. Under the bonnet it has a powerful 2.3 liter turbo engine that produces around 260 hp.
  • Is the 2006 Mazda Demio a good car?

    "Very happy with mazda demio, best car I've had." "It is light to drive, easy to monouver, takes up little space. Quite peppy for a little car and small engine. With the seats down it's very spacious for that drop off or pick up item you might need or get rid of. .
  • How much HP does a Mazda Axela have?

    Engine manufacturer:Mazda SH series (SkyActiv-D)
    Horsepower net:129 kW / 175 PS / 173 hp (JIS net)
    / 4500
    Torque net:420 Nm / 310 ft-lb
    / 2000

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