Which of the following is a purpose of a torque arm?

1 Answer:
  • Darren Liw
    A torque arm is a mount for a torque tool that supports it while allowing the operator to smoothly move the power torque tool around the work area to complete fastening operations.12 Nov 2020
  • Are poly bushes better than rubber?

    Rubber bushings have more “give” and eliminate most noise and vibration making the suspension cushier. Poly bushings hold the suspension components tighter which is better for handling and alignment but the downside is more vibration making its way from the road to the driver.4 Nov 2015
  • What are trailing bushes?

    The trailing arm bushings join the axle and pivot point on the body of the vehicle. They are part of a trailing arm suspension in your vehicle. The front trailing arm consists of a set of bushings attached to a bolt that runs through these bushings to hold the trailing arm to the chassis of the vehicle.12 Jan 2016
  • How do you press control arm bushings?

    Simply set up the press with a large cup on the arm that is large enough to accept the outer shell. Select a driver that matches the diameter of the outer shell for the inside of the control arm bushing (where you will be pressing it out), and slowly drive the control arm bushing out.16 Aug 2017
  • Is a lateral link the same as a toe link?

    They are both just suspension links. The toe link basically "steers" the rear wheel, but of course it doesn't really do any steering.22 Aug 2015
  • How do you measure ball joint length?

    Loaded Joint: To check a loaded ball joint, place a jack or jack stand under the lower control arm to support the weight of the vehicle. Attach a dial indicator to the lower control arm and locate the dial in a vertical position to measure axial runout at the steering knuckle.

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