What is a toe link ball joint?

1 Answer:
  • claymore
    This ball joint is a direct replacement for your stock unit. This component takes some abuse so should be inspected periodically. It connects your toe link to your upright. If you see any signs of necking or cracking or if the rubber boot is torn, the part should be replaced.
  • Are trailing arms worth it?

    Trailing arms and lateral arms are VERY much worth it. THe stock bushings are like apple pie !! The lower hub bushing is even MORE important actually but a pain to replace. Whiteline makes the laterals and STI makes a trailing arm.26 Mar 2009
  • What can damage a front wheel bearing?

    Driving conditions – driving through deep water or mud can cause your wheel bearings to fail. Water, mud or other contaminants such as dust or road salt could get past the seals and enter the bearing, polluting the grease and wearing away the bearings.
  • How long can you ride on a bent rim?

    Most traffic regulatory authorities recommend that you should not drive on a bent rim for any distance exceeding a maximum of 100 yards, and only to a safe parking location away from other cars or to where you will get the malfunction fixed.22 Aug 2021
  • What is a rear toe link on a Buick Lacrosse?

    General Motors is recalling approximately 34,000 Buick Lacrosse, Buick Regal, and Chevrolet Malibu sedans from the 2013 model year to address a problem with the rear toe link—a key suspension component that keeps the wheels pointing in the correct direction.20 Aug 2021
  • What could cause my car to pull to the left?

    One of the most common reasons your car will pull to one side is because the wheel alignment is off. When your wheel and axles aren't lined correctly you'll notice your steering wheel – and the whole front of the car – pull to the left or right.

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