Can a bent wheel be fixed?

1 Answer:
  • Andy Law
    When rims are slightly bent, they can almost certainly be repaired. However, more extensive damage is a different situation. When your rims are severely bent out of shape, they are probably beyond repair. In this case, rim replacement may be your only option.
  • Where are swing axles located?

    A swing axle is a type of rear axle design that has the center section mounted rigidly to the vehicle's chassis and uses universal joints to connect the drive axles to the center section.28 Apr 2022
  • Can rear brakes cause pulling?

    Keep in mind that pulls during braking can come from the front brakes, rear brakes, and sometimes, not from the brakes at all! Loose or worn steering or suspension components can also cause a pull. A pull that happens abruptly can be caused by loose suspension components.
  • Should you upgrade upper control arms?

    Your control arm or upper cradle as it's sometimes called determines wheel travel, suspension durability, and wheel alignment. If you're making any sort of suspension modification at all, replacing the upper control arms should be considered but may not be necessary.
  • How do you measure control arm length?

    You should subtract -approximately- 4" from the LIFT HEIGHT to determine your LOWER control arm length for use with R.E. drop brackets. In other words, if you have an 9" lift WITH R.E. drop brackets, use the l.c.a. measurement for a 5" lift. Upper measurements should remain the same.3 Mar 2009
  • How long do rear trailing arms last?

    Typical life expectancy is anywhere from 35,000 to 70,000 miles. The effectiveness of these parts are not an "on/off" switch and their performance degrades over time as the rubber deteriorates. You may not feel that you need new RTABs if you have slowly become used to their gradual decline in performance.18 Sept 2013

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