What is an ambient light sensor on a monitor?

1 Answer:
  • Arfan Adennan
    An ambient light sensor in an LCD monitor or display system can be used to enable automatic backlight adjustment or power standby. It can be used to dim the backlight to match current lighting conditions or power off the whole display.24 Apr 2022
  • What is ambient light sensor in smartphones?

    Ambient light sensor (ALS) of smartphone

    ALS in smartphone is used to adjust the brightness of the phone thereby reduces the power consumption of the battery. When it is dark, the screen of the phone will become dim, sufficient enough to enable a user to see the phone's screen effectively.
  • How does a car ambient light sensor work?

    It works by detecting changes in ambient light, or even illuminance in a zone around your vehicle. When the sensor detects a level of darkness beyond its programmed acceptable threshold, your headlights turn on.
  • Why does my brightness keep going down even with auto-brightness off?

    "If your device gets too warm

    Charging, including wireless charging, slows or stops. The display dims or goes black. Cellular radios enter a low-power state. The signal might weaken during this time.
    5 Jul 2019
  • How do I turn off Dell ambient light sensor?

    Right click on the battery icon in the systray. Click Dell Extended Battery Options from the menu. Under Dell Intelligent Display, click on Configuration and turn this feature off.25 Feb 2021
  • What does an ambient light sensor do?

    The Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) products from ams provide measurements of ambient light intensity which match the human eye's response to light under a variety of lighting conditions. Each device has a specific operating range of performance, from very low light up to bright sunlight.

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