What type of motion is a car moving on a straight road?

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  • joon wong
    rectilinear motion
    Car moving on a straight road is an example of rectilinear motion.
  • Is the Mercedes SL discontinued?

    The smaller SLC roadster was discontinued last year, and the even the venerable SL skipped the 2021 model year.21 sept 2021
  • How do cars drive?

    Part of a video titled How to Drive a Car - YouTube
    Press your foot down on the brake pedal and move the gear stick from reverse to drive to driveMorePress your foot down on the brake pedal and move the gear stick from reverse to drive to drive forward take your foot off the brake pedal and slowly press down on the gas pedal.
  • Does the new S-Class have rear wheel steering?

    Among a host of other new features, the new S-Class also gets rear-axle steering which is a very useful feature to have. Ever since the new 2021 S-Class has been officially revealed by Mercedes Benz, auto enthusiasts, especially luxury car lovers, have not been able to stop talking about it.10 sept 2020
  • When the car moves on road its wheel has which motion?

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    when a car move on road its wheel has translational as well as rotational motion. here ,centre of mass of wheel moves in translational motion whereas contacting points of wheel with surface rotate so, it wheel has also rotational motion.
    2 abr 2019
  • What are the components of steering gear?

    A motor vehicle's steering system contains the following basic parts: Steering wheel, Steering shaft and Column, Tie rods, rack, idler arms, Pitman arm, and drag or center link.1 mar 2022

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