Is Mercedes S-Class reliable?

1 Answer:
  • Stewart Tan
    Is a used Mercedes S-Class saloon reliable? The S-Class didn't feature in our most recent reliability survey. Mercedes' reliability record has been a little mixed of late; it came 26th out of 31 manufacturers in that most recent What Car? Reliability Survey.
  • Can you replace your own power steering pump?

    To swap out your power steering pump, you should need only basic hand tools. However, some special flare-nut wrenches and a special tool to safely remove the pulley from the pulley shaft will make the job easier.1 ago 2006
  • What makes a car move forward?

    The frictional force between the road and tire is what allows the tire to "push" off the road, thus moving the car forward (Newton's third law — the action is the pushing frictional force, the reaction is the forward movement of the car).
  • What is the auxiliary steering gear?

    Auxiliary steering gear is the equipment which is provided for effecting movement of the rudder for the purpose of steering the unit in the event of failure of the main steering gear.
  • What is a steering end?

    Tie rod ends are the crucial meeting point between a vehicle's steering rack and steering knuckle. The rod end not only transmits the force from the steering rack to the wheels, but it also provides a pivot point for the steering to maintain its geometry.9 ene 2018
  • How do wheels move friction?

    Static friction causes the rolling motion. As soon as force is applied a torque is generated in the wheel. The Torque generated is unbalanced so the wheel starts moving. In this way wheel starts moving due to friction.

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