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  • Mohd Jani
    Frankfurt factory
    The ATE T52 vacuum booster goes into volume production in 1972 and the production figures have remained impressive to this day. ATE takes over the manufacture of disc brakes in its Frankfurt factory under licence from Dunlop.
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  • What is Mercedes Active Brake Assist?

    The Mercedes-Benz Brake Assist System (BAS®) is an autonomous emergency braking system that senses when another vehicle or pedestrian is too close to the front of your vehicle relative to your speed; Brake Assist can help with braking or perform emergency braking when the driver fails to step on the brakes in time.25 Sept 2018
  • What is the legal limit on brake pads?

    Most manufacturers recommend changing your brake pads once they get to 3mm, however the legal limit in the UK is 1.5mm. More modern vehicles are likely to have a brake pad sensor, which will alert you via a warning light on your dashboard if the brake pads are running low.14 Sept 2016
  • How long do factory rotors last?

    30,000-70,000 miles
    Your rotors are one of the most durable parts of your car, but the above factors can shorten their lifespan. Expect your rotors to last anywhere from 30,000-70,000 miles depending on the above factors.8 Apr 2021
  • Does carbon tint block UV rays?

    Carbon Window Film is a film that contains zero dyes and is made with nano particles. These tiny particles hold their color virtually forever. Carbon has increased solar benefits over most other films due to Nano technology in the hard coat. Carbon blocks out both UV and IR rays for maximum protection.
  • How much is a brake job on a Lamborghini Urus?

    Lamborghini Urus Fixed-Calliper Brake
    Part NoPrice (each)

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