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    In addition to prestigious manufacturers of sports and luxury automobiles such as Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette and Mercedes, Brembo's client portfolio also includes some of the world's largest carmakers, such as Ford, GM and Fiat, among others.
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  • How much are Mercedes Benz brake pads?

    Mercedes-Benz brake pads replacement, which constists of parts and labor, can value anywhere between $150 and $300 per axle depending on the type of brake pads desired and the extent of the damage your previously worn down pads have caused to the disparate components of your vehicle such as the rotors.
  • What are Ferrari fans called?

    It has become common to use the word Tifosi to refer to the supporters of Scuderia Ferrari in Formula One. Italian motor racing fans are well known for their love of Ferrari, though they have also been staunch supporters of other Italian cars such as Maserati, Lancia and Alfa Romeo.
  • Where is Brake Assist sensor Mercedes A Class?

    Also, the sensor is housed behind the badge on the front grill and not the windscreen.26 Apr 2018
  • What are Ferrari rotors made of?

    The brakes currently used by Formula One competitors are similar but different. F1 rotors are instead a carbon-carbon design using carbon-fibers bound together in a carbon matrix without the silicon material found in CCM brakes.15 Jul 2010
  • How much should it cost to replace brake rotors?

    How much does it cost to replace the brake pads and rotors? Rotors cost between $30 and $75 each. Labor to replace rotors and pads is around $150 to $200 per axle. Brake pads and rotors come out to around $250 to $500 per axle.29 Nov 2021

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