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  • Mat Ayaq
    Premium and Premium Plus equipment lines

    If you want to increase your comfort and add the best in entertainment, the Premium equipment lines do just that. Upgrade price – includes all Sport, AMG Line or Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC equipment plus additional items listed below. Only available with automatic transmission.
    11 Mar 2022
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  • How many miles do brake rotors last?

    between 50,000 and 70,000 miles
    As a general rule, you should get your brake pads replaced every 10,000 to 20,000 miles to keep wear to a minimum. When it comes to your rotors, you have a bit longer. Your rotors should be replaced between 50,000 and 70,000 miles to keep your brakes in peak health.
  • Is brake assist the same as ABS?

    Part of a video titled Safety ABS EBD Brake Assist Video - YouTube
    Abs-ebd ba the anti-lock brake system or abs. Helps prevent wheel lockup. And delivers improvedMoreAbs-ebd ba the anti-lock brake system or abs. Helps prevent wheel lockup. And delivers improved steering. Control during hard braking ABS helps the tires maintain better grip on the pavement.
  • Should I replace all 4 rotors?

    You do not need to replace all 4 rotors at the same time, but it is recommended to replace the rotors and pads as a set for each axle front or back at the same time. If the front brakes need to be replaced but the rear brakes are not worn out yet, then you do not need to replace the rear brakes.1 Nov 2016
  • What is the legal limit for brake discs?

    You should be able to peer through the wheels spokes and see the rubber brake pad between the calipers and brake disc. Most manufacturers recommend changing your brake pads once they get to 3mm, however the legal limit in the UK is 1.5mm.14 Sept 2016
  • Is ceramic tint lighter than carbon tint?

    Carbon offers the same heat rejection NANO technology as Ceramic, but also adds darkness in the process. You see, no matter how much Ceramic is added the tint gets no darker. By adding charcoal particles (Carbon), over say dye, to achieve 'the look' you desire … you can achieve up to 3% more heat rejection.

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