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  • Muhammad Shuib Sam
    Can of brake fluid — check your owner's manual for the proper type.
    1. A couple of things to note before you begin. ...
    2. Remove the wheel. ...
    3. Remove the slider bolt. ...
    4. Pivot the brake caliper up. ...
    5. Slide out the old brake pads. ...
    6. Replace the retaining clips. ...
    7. Slide in the new brake pads. ...
    8. Retract the pistons.
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  • Do carbon ceramic brakes stop quicker?

    Carbon-ceramic discs have a higher friction coefficient, so they require less braking distance than cast iron discs. The higher friction coefficient generated by the carbon reduces the braking activation time, which means the car slows down before one with a traditional braking system.
  • How many miles do Mercedes brakes last?

    Brake pads can generally be expected to last between 25,000 and 65,000 miles, but some brake pads–like the long-lasting carbon ceramic variety–are designed to last over 80,000 miles.
  • What is the legal limit for brake discs?

    You should be able to peer through the wheels spokes and see the rubber brake pad between the calipers and brake disc. Most manufacturers recommend changing your brake pads once they get to 3mm, however the legal limit in the UK is 1.5mm.14 Sept 2016
  • What is Ferraris logo?

    The emblem's yellow background symbolizes the color of Italian city Modena, Italy, where Enzo was born. The two letters accompanying the horse–S and F–stand for Scuderia Ferrari, the name of the brand's racing division. Stripes on the top of the logo in red, white, and green represent the Italian national colors.13 Sept 2016
  • What is Mercedes lane Tracking package?

    The Lane Tracking Package can help you to stay in lane and change lanes on multi-lane highways. It comprises Lane Keeping Assist and Blind Spot Assist. The combination of these two assistance systems can bring clear benefits in terms of driving safety and stress relief.

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