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  • David Tan
    1. Noise-Level: Ceramic brake pads are very quiet, creating little-to-no extra sound when the brakes are applied.
    2. Wear & Tear Residue: Compared to organic brake pads, ceramic brake pads tend to produce less dust and other particles as they wear down.
    1 Apr 2021
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  • Where are ATE brakes made?

    Frankfurt factory
    The ATE T52 vacuum booster goes into volume production in 1972 and the production figures have remained impressive to this day. ATE takes over the manufacture of disc brakes in its Frankfurt factory under licence from Dunlop.
  • What does brakes at 3mm mean?

    Most of the brake pads have sensors in them. The metal sensor usually becomes defined and makes contact with the disc when a 12 mm thick brake pad is 3mm worn out. On new vehicles, the display will show this warning. If the brake pads are worn to about 25%, they need to be replaced, it also depends on how you drive.14 Mar 2021
  • What is AMG high-performance composite braking system?

    AMG® High-Performance Composite Braking System— With front and rear composite rotors that are ventilated, slotted, and perforated, these brakes offer even better deceleration thanks to their cooling and fade resistance.
  • What brand brakes do Mercedes use?

    Mercedes-Benz use a wide range of brake pad suppliers. Amongst them is Textar.
  • How much are brakes and rotors?

    The type and brand of brake components

    Depending on the type and brand used, a set of brake pads can cost as little as $20 to upwards of $160. Rotors can also vary significantly in quality and price, with budget rotors costing approximately $60 per axle and more premium brake rotors costing $230 or more.

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