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  • Tay TK
    Disc brakes are more powerful and are also able to cool off faster than drum brakes. Considering how important brake pads are to the overall safety of your car, this is one product where you should prioritize quality and durability over price.30 Nov 2021
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  • Can you resurface AMG rotors?

    Also known as brake discs, brake rotors will occasionally wear unevenly, become damaged, or warp due to heat exposure. If the damage isn't too bad, they can be resurfaced. If your brake rotors are in particularly poor shape, they will need to be replaced.
  • Which is false about ceramics and carbon?

    1. Carbon is a ceramic. Explanation: The above statement is false. Carbon is not a ceramic material.
  • What does it mean when my Mercedes says brake wear?

    This indicator light is found on almost all high-end cars and has made it helpful for the owner to get information well before time when the brake pads are completely worn out and result in any further damage which simply means when this indicator light is turned ON, the sensor in brakes has found the thickness of ...30 Apr 2021
  • Where are Brembo brakes made?

    Brembo S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of automotive brake systems, especially for high-performance cars and motorcycles. Its head office is in Curno, Bergamo, Italy.
  • Can cold weather cause brake light to come on?

    Does the light come on only in cold weather? There may be moisture buildup in the brake fluid and this moisture is actually freezing when the outside temperature falls below 32F for extended periods of time. Such freezing will cause an imbalance in the brake fluid pressure.

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