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    Our tests are conducted from 60 mph, measuring the distance it takes the vehicle to come to a complete stop using onboard test instruments.
    Average Stopping Distance by Category.
    CategoryAverage dry braking 60-0 mph, ft.
    Full-sized pickups140
    Large SUVs143
    Average of all tested vehicles132
    12 Jan 2021
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  • Why are BMW brakes so expensive?

    Part of a video titled Why Are BMW Brake Jobs So Expensive? - YouTube
    The problem is those brake rotors cannot be resurfaced on a standard brake lathe that is availableMoreThe problem is those brake rotors cannot be resurfaced on a standard brake lathe that is available in every automotive shop it requires specialized equipment.
  • Does Brembo make AMG brakes?

    The stock AMG brakes are made by Brembo. They look/function differently because the manufacturer has different needs than the what the aftermarket has. Also the stock brakes are not as good asthe aftermarket brembo systems.31 Aug 2008
  • Who invented autonomous braking?

    Inventor George Rashid was the first to detail an automated radar-based braking system, specifically for use for cars, submitting a patent for an 'automatic vehicle control system' in 1954.19 Jun 2018
  • Is AEB worth?

    Every automaker now offers some sort of AEB system, but none suggests it's a substitute for remaining alert at the wheel. The technology is not advanced enough to detect and mitigate every potential impact. Nonetheless, it's proven to be a significant safety benefit—AEB is recommended by the IIHS and NHTSA.16 Jun 2020
  • How many km do brakes last?

    Brake pads generally need to be replaced after every 75,000 kilometres driven, on average. However, some brake pads need to be replaced after 25,000 kilometres, while others can last for 40,000 kilometres. To get a more accurate number for your car's specific needs, consult your car's manual.7 Jun 2017

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