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  • Namooks Amat
    It has become common to use the word Tifosi to refer to the supporters of Scuderia Ferrari in Formula One. Italian motor racing fans are well known for their love of Ferrari, though they have also been staunch supporters of other Italian cars such as Maserati, Lancia and Alfa Romeo.
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  • Does a scat pack have Brembo brakes?

    Yes, the standard Scat Brakes (except Widebody) is the 14.2" rotors and 4-piston Brembo calipers you see here. Optional on Scat Pack (included with Widebody) is the 15.4" (15.7" for 2021) rotors and 6-piston calipers.29 Jan 2021
  • How much is a Mercedes-Benz brake job?

    Brake pads for a Mercedes-Benz can cost anywhere between $150 per axle and $450 per axle depending on the type of brake pad desired. Mercedes-Benz Brake rotor replacement can cost anywhere between $300 - $750 for all four rotors to be replaced. This price estimate includes labor and components.
  • Which car has the fastest brake?

    Round 1- Kawasaki H2R VS Bugatti Veyron

    On ½ mile drag race the bike got a late start but caught up mid way, accelerating at mind boggling speed at the end of the race H2R did 194.5mph (313.01kmph) easily beating the Buggatti doing 180mph (289.68kmph).
    16 Jul 2015
  • Is Driver Assist package worth it?

    A study by the American Automobile Association (AAA) found that driver-assist systems in new vehicles are often unreliable, potentially compromising the safety benefits they offer. The association studied five different 2019 and 2020 vehicles and found that the systems on average experienced issues every eight miles.6 Aug 2020
  • How do I check my brake pads?

    Part of a video titled How to Inspect Your Brake Pads - YouTube
    So when we started our inspection we could see the outside brake pad. But it is also important toMoreSo when we started our inspection we could see the outside brake pad. But it is also important to take a look at the inside brake pad you want to make sure that they're wearing evenly.

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