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    Type sound and not a gravelly type sound the worn out rough disc surface will generate.MoreType sound and not a gravelly type sound the worn out rough disc surface will generate.

    How do I know if my brakes are carbon ceramic?

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  • How do I know if my brake discs are worn?

    Natural brake disc wear is relatively easy to detect. When a disc is worn, a burr can be felt at the rim, as the disc only becomes worn where the brake pad is applied. The more pronounced the burr, the worse the disc wear is. Experts use special instruments to measure the thickness of the brake discs.19 Jun 2019
  • Can brake drum be repaired?

    Because rear drum brakes serve an important role in slowing your vehicle, it is wise to get them repaired and replaced as necessary.
  • Is Brembo an OEM?

    Brembo brake pads not only outperform other aftermarket brake pads, but they also outperform OE pads. In our inventory of quality aftermarket brake pads, you'll find Brembo OE Replacement Brake Pads. These brake pads are OE quality. Brembo designed these brake pads to be a direct replacement of OE brake pads.8 Feb 2021
  • What is the difference between Nano ceramic and ceramic?

    Most standard window films don't offer as much protection from rays as nano-ceramic films. Ceramic window films are nano-layered with carbon and ceramic properties, which enables them to block heat and harmful UV rays. You will notice a significant difference when driving for long on a sunny day.12 Mar 2020
  • Is 3mm on brake pads OK?

    When a brake pad that's 12 mm thick new wears to approximately 3 mm of pad life remaining, the metal sensor usually becomes exposed and makes contact with the disc. The resultant metal-on-metal contact causes squealing and may trigger an electronic sensor to display a warning light on newer vehicles.11 Sept 2013

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