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  • Ulysses Sait
    There are two methods to check which brakes are worn. One method is to use a Mercedes-Benz scanner and read the fault codes. The scanner will show if it is the front or rear brakes. The option is to remove the brake pads and inspect them for wear.
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  • Do all Ferrari Californias have carbon-ceramic brakes?

    The chassis and body panels will be crafted—as is the case with all Ferraris—in aluminum, and Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes will be standard.13 May 2008
  • Whats better ceramic or carbon?

    In terms of quality and durability, the ceramic window is the best option. However, it doesn't mean it's what you need, especially if there's an issue with the budget. Although ceramic is better than carbon in terms of quality, many clients don't require the level of security that it offers – its shatter-proof feature.
  • Are Porsche carbon ceramic brakes worth it?

    "Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB) offer improved benefits in terms of braking performance and handling (due to reduction in unsprung weight) and therefore are the preferred braking option for many Porsche drivers," they said.22 Mar 2019
  • What's the difference between carbon and ceramic tint?

    Both carbon tint and ceramic tint are made of different materials. A carbon window tinting film is made of (you guessed it!) carbon, which gives a dark matte-black finish to the window film. Ceramic window tint is made of non-metallic ceramic particles and is slightly lighter (in color) than a carbon window tint.22 Feb 2022
  • How does Mercedes Active lane Keeping Assist?

    Gets you back on track: Active Lane Keeping Assist can warn you by means of steering wheel vibrations if you inadvertently drive over lane markings. In situations of danger, the system can also intervene actively by means of one-sided braking and guide you back into your lane.11 Mar 2022

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