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    So you guys know that i put some negative camber in the front i put two degrees negative camera inMoreSo you guys know that i put some negative camber in the front i put two degrees negative camera in the front using my little camber bolts and a video about that a couple weeks.

    How do you get negative camber?

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  • What is a good amount of negative camber?

    For a normal car you typically want to maintain a slight amount of negative camber (0.5 - 1°) to have a good balance of cornering grip, braking grip, and tire wear. On most vehicles it's common to have slightly more negative camber (0.8 - 1.3°) in the rear to reduce the chances of oversteer (loss of grip in rear).
  • What is better toe in or toe-out?

    Generally the rule of thumb is that more toe-in increases understeer and more toe-out increases oversteer. However, with modern cars, especially race cars with independent front and rear suspensions, there is another effect on handling.
  • How do you know if your alignment is right?

    Here are some common signs that you are dealing with poor alignment: Your vehicle pulls to one side. Uneven or rapid tire wear. Your steering wheel is crooked when driving straight.
  • Why do my front tires lean out?

    This is caused by worn ball joints and control arm bushings. It could be upper or lower control arms bushings or ball joints.7 nov 2016
  • Why do drift cars have slanted tires?

    The tilt of the wheel is known as the camber angle. Tilting the wheel in that manner is called negative camber. Doing it the other way around (top outwards) is positive camber. Mounting the wheel with a negative camber improves grip under hard cornering as it counteracts rolling.26 mar 2014

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