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  • Kthiaghu Kannan
    An example of this autonomous technology is an adaptive cruise control system that adjusts your speed to keep you a certain distance from the car ahead while centering the car in its lane.3 ago 2021
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  • What are the Mercedes packages?

    • AMG® Line Package ($2,600)
    • AMG® Night Package ($3,000)
    • Multimedia Package ($1,295)
    • Parking Assistance Package ($1,090)
    19 abr 2021
  • Who plays Mrs C in the Mercedes commercial?

    Julie Benz
    BornJulie Benz Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
    Alma materNew York University
    Years active1990–present
  • Can lane departure warning be turned off?

    Answer provided by. Lane departure warning, or lane departure alert on all Toyota models, is an active safety feature designed to keep you firmly in your lane. However, you can turn it off using the steering wheel controls on your Toyota Camry.28 dic 2021
  • When did Mercedes introduce blind spot monitoring?

    Even Mercedes-Benz started out that way. Blind Spot Assist, introduced on the 2008 S-Class and CL sedans, wasn't always so straightforward: Originally, a combination of red and amber triangles were used to indicate that the system was ready or working at speeds of around 20 mph or more.9 jul 2019
  • Why does Mercedes tell you to take a break?

    ATTENTION ASSIST® uses sensors to learn about your driving habits and can detect if driver fatigue is causing you to make small errors behind the wheel. If the system detects these common driver-fatigue-related errors, it will encourage you to take a break from your journey.

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