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  • Taquddin Azmi Jamal
    Adaptive cruise control
    Adaptive cruise control (ACC) is an active safety system that automatically controls the acceleration and braking of a vehicle. It is activated through a button on the steering wheel and cancelled by driver's braking and/or another button.28 nov 2019
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  • Does lane assist work in snow?

    If the roadway is covered with snow, leaves, fog or debris, the lane keeping assist may not be able to detect the lane markings on the road. Turning your wheel will override this feature after it activates.
  • What car can drive itself?

    With or without Autopilot or some variation thereof, no production vehicle can currently drive itself. The closest system to that reality was to be the Audi A8's Traffic Jam Pilot system, which could putter along in low-speed traffic while you watched a video or played games with backseat passengers.
  • What is Mercedes blind spot assist?

    Blind Spot Assist^^ is a standard feature that supports drivers on multi-lane roads. In addition to a head-check, the system provides additional assurance with visual and audible warning signals that helps identify an unseen vehicles in the blind spot.
  • How do you install a blind spot monitoring system?

    Part of a video titled Accurately Install Blind Spot Monitoring Sensors With ADAS ...
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  • Does the 2018 E Class have adaptive cruise control?

    For those unfamiliar with the E-class's semi-autonomous driver-assist technologies, they include adaptive cruise control, a lane-keeping setup that can handle some steering duties and autonomous lane changes, and a 360-degree array of radar and ultrasonic sensors for keeping track of lane markings, other cars, and road ...16 mar 2017

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