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  • Yap Pak Kin
    Lane-departure warning systems lower the rates of three types of passenger car crashes—single-vehicle, side-swipes, and head-on—by 11 percent and cut injuries in those same types of crashes by 21 percent, the study found.23 ago 2017
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  • Does Mercedes GLC have adaptive cruise control?

    The Mercedes GLC has an impressive suite of safety kit, which can be added to with optional equipment such as adaptive cruise control, although owners expressed reliability concerns in our 2019 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey.
  • Which car safety feature is most likely to prevent a crash?

    The most important thing you can do to protect your life is to buckle your seatbelt. Safety belts save lives on their own and many of the more advanced safety features, such as forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking can help you avoid accidents.
  • What is a driver assistance package?

    Driver assistance, also known as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), are technologies used to make motor vehicle travel safer by automating, improving or adapting some or all of the tasks involved in operating a vehicle.
  • How do I turn off lane assist on Mercedes A Class?

    until you arrive at DriveAssist. Press “Ok” on the left-side of your steering wheel, then press “Ok” again to disable (or enable) the Mercedes-Benz Attention Assist® system.
  • Which BMW models have lane assist?

    The latest version of the Lane Departure Warning feature is available for all model variants of the BMW 3 Series, BMW 4 Series, BMW 5 Series, BMW 6 Series, BMW 7 Series and BMW 8 Series as well as the BMW X5, the BMW X6, the BMW X7, the BMW M3, the BMW M4, the BMW M5 and the BMW M8.27 may 2021

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