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  • Happy Fish Chin
    Convenience Package. You'll have features such as HANDS-FREE ACCESS®, Blind Spot Assist, KEYLESS GO®, heated front seats, and SiriusXM® Radio w/ 6-month All Access trial.22 ene 2019
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  • How can I make Supercruise assist faster?

    Discovered an easier variant of the supercruise assist trick
    1. Make sure you SCA is set to manual throttle.
    2. Turn on SCA, max your throttle and line up your target. ...
    3. Continue on at full throttle until the arrival timer says 7s, then immediately throttle down into the blue to engage SCA.
    5 mar 2021
  • What is LDA indicator?

    Lane Departure Alert (LDA) monitors road markings on faster roads to detect if your Toyota is drifting out of its lane. If it is triggered, you will receive a visual alert on your Toyota's multi-information display. LDA won't activate if the indicators are in use, and the system can be turned off if required.
  • How does Toyota blind spot monitor work?

    blind spot, such as behind the vehicle's C-pillar. Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)² is designed to help in these situations by using radar sensors mounted in the rear bumper. When BSM detects a vehicle in the vehicle's blind spot, it illuminates a warning indicator on the appropriate sideview mirror.5 jun 2020
  • What is the difference between DISTRONIC and DISTRONIC Plus?

    DISTRONIC® is the basic adaptive cruise control system. Although it's identical to DISTRONIC PLUS® in most respects, DISTRONIC® will not bring you to a complete halt. Rather, the feature will pass control back to the driver when your speed drops below 15-20 mph.
  • How do I reset my blind spot monitor?

    Turn off your vehicle's engine and wait a few seconds.

    After waiting a few seconds, try turning your car on and giving it a second to re-calibrate.
    7 mar 2022

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