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    Second on the most-annoying list is lane-keeping assist. This feature automatically controls a vehicle's steering (while the driver keeps hands on the wheel) to help keep it centered within lane markers, usually while on the highway.7 jul 2020
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  • Does Mercedes have adaptive cruise control?

    DISTRONIC PLUS® is an adaptive cruise control technology from Mercedes-Benz. The feature uses built-in radar to bring you up to speed, brake as necessary, and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  • How do you turn off navigation in Mercedes?

    Part of a video titled How To Turn off Mercedes-Benz Voice Navigation Guidance - YouTube
    Follow this and you just dip it down all the way. And any time you hear it.MoreFollow this and you just dip it down all the way. And any time you hear it.
  • What is LTA on Toyota?

    Warning buzzers LTA (Lane Tracing Assist) Functions included in LTA system Lane departure alert function When the system determines that the vehicle might depart from its lane or course *, a warning is displayed on the multi-information display, and a warning buzzer will sound to alert the driver.
  • What was the first car with lane Assist?

    In 2004, the first passenger-vehicle system available in North America was jointly developed by Iteris and Valeo for Nissan on the Infiniti FX and (in 2005) the M vehicles. In this system, a camera (mounted in the overhead console above the mirror) monitors the lane markings on a roadway.
  • Is lane Keep Assist always on?

    Lane Assist defaults to ON at every “start”. You can disable it, but only while the car is not in motion.18 jul 2021

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