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  • M Brem Ayim
    While lane assist is a great safety feature it can also be, and there's no other way to put it – quite annoying. It's great on a motorway, but on A and B roads, it does have a tendency to bleep or vibrate the steering wheel in a way that will quickly send you around the bend.28 mar 2022
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  • Can lane assist be turned off?

    Can you turn off lane assist? Lane assist can be turned off, but for safety reasons it will always default back on again each time you get in your car.28 mar 2022
  • What is the difference between lane departure and Lane Assist?

    Lane-keeping assist and lane departure warning are industry terms for tech that focuses on keeping a car from drifting out of its lane. Lane departure warning systems merely alert the driver when the car is leaving its lane, while lane-keeping assist actually works to keep the car from moving out of the lane.4 jun 2020
  • Can you retrofit lane assist?

    It can be retrofitted in cars like Golf Mk7, Tiguan, Passat B8, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia. Please contact us before ordering Front Lane Assist Camera Retrofit Kit to check your car compatibility and booking time. Windscreen replacement is required and we will supply only genuine OEM windscreen.
  • How do self-driving cars stay in lane?

    An example of this autonomous technology is an adaptive cruise control system that adjusts your speed to keep you a certain distance from the car ahead while centering the car in its lane.3 ago 2021
  • What is the difference between a Mercedes Premium and Premium Plus?

    The Premium package includes a panoramic glass sunroof, a memory pack, rear split folding seats and a reversing camera on saloon models for £2695. Premium Plus adds keyless go and an upgraded sound system for £3895.

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