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  • Ahmad Jefri Bin Othman
    DISTRONIC® cruise control systems are included standard or available in the following Mercedes-Benz vehicles:
    • Mercedes-Benz A-Class.
    • Mercedes-Benz C-Class.
    • Mercedes-Benz E-Class.
    • Mercedes-Benz S-Class.
    • Mercedes-Benz CLA.
    • Mercedes-Benz CLS.
    • Mercedes-Benz GLA.
    • Mercedes-Benz GLC.
    21 ago 2018
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  • Can I add Distronic Plus to my Mercedes?

    If your Mercedes-Benz comes already equipped with DISTRONIC PLUS®, you can use the system by following the simple steps below: Locate the DISTRONIC PLUS® controls on a lever that is attached to your car's steering column. Move the lever up or down to change the cruising speed while driving.
  • Is blind spot monitoring worth it?

    With nearly 10% of vehicle accidents being lane-changing crashes, BSM can be a useful tool when utilized. In a 2017 article, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reported that blind-spot monitoring reduces lane-changing accidents by 14%. Moreover, it reduces injuries from lane-changing crashes by 23%.1 nov 2021
  • What is Distronic on Mercedes?

    The DISTRONIC® Steering Assist feature helps keep your Mercedes-Benz vehicle in its lane. It monitors lane markings and surrounding vehicles and makes steering adjustments to compensate for curves in the road, as well as monitors traffic in the lane to the left to prevent overtaking vehicles from the right.21 ago 2018
  • How does the lane keep assist work?

    Lane Keep Assist is made possible by a camera sensor that is mounted behind the windshield in front of the rear-view mirror. The camera is able to detect lane lines on the road ahead. The system operates when your vehicle is moving faster than 37 miles per hour.27 mar 2019
  • What is Mercedes executive package?

    Signup today for regular updates. Opting for the Sport Executive Edition trim adds Mercedes' parking package, with a reversing camera, active parking assist and front and rear parking sensors, plus electrically folding mirrors, smartphone integration and wireless charging.

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