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  • Cammy Wong
    Here's how:
    1. Press the MAIN button on the steering wheel until you see LKAS on the multi-information display.
    2. Press LKAS.
    3. You'll see lane outlines on the display (dotted lines turn solid when the system is ready).
    4. Press the MAIN or LKAS button to turn off the system.
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  • How do you turn on the blind spot assist on a Mercedes c300?

    Part of a video titled How to enable Blind Spot Assist on the 2017 Mercedes GLA250!
    And press ok now from there it would ask whether you would like to press ok to enable. And we wouldMoreAnd press ok now from there it would ask whether you would like to press ok to enable. And we would like to enable the blind spots. And from there it would state that the Blind Spot Assist.
  • What was the first car with Lane Assist?

    In 2004, the first passenger-vehicle system available in North America was jointly developed by Iteris and Valeo for Nissan on the Infiniti FX and (in 2005) the M vehicles. In this system, a camera (mounted in the overhead console above the mirror) monitors the lane markings on a roadway.
  • What is the difference between Distronic and Distronic Plus?

    DISTRONIC® is the basic adaptive cruise control system. Although it's identical to DISTRONIC PLUS® in most respects, DISTRONIC® will not bring you to a complete halt. Rather, the feature will pass control back to the driver when your speed drops below 15-20 mph.
  • Can you permanently turn off lane assist?

    VW Dave said: Lane Assist defaults to ON at every “start”. You can disable it, but only while the car is not in motion. And at start up it takes a minute or more for this config screen to even become accessible.18 jul 2021
  • Does Mercedes have adaptive cruise control?

    DISTRONIC PLUS® is an adaptive cruise control technology from Mercedes-Benz. The feature uses built-in radar to bring you up to speed, brake as necessary, and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.

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