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    Lane-assist technology relies on sensory input from a lane departure camera, infrared sensors and lasers. Most commonly, the camera is found in the front of the car or in the rearview mirror. However, the camera is actually mounted on the back of the vehicle in some models.16 abr 2019
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  • What does LKAS mean in a car?

    Lane Keeping Assist System
    The Feature: The Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) is designed to help keep a vehicle centered in a detected lane, applying mild steering torque if it determines the vehicle is drifting toward the side of the lane.
  • What is Mercedes Distronic Plus with Steering Assist?

    DISTRONIC PLUS® is an advanced adaptive cruise control system that automatically accelerates, brakes, and keeps a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you (relative to the speed you are driving). Additionally, DISTRONIC PLUS® with Steering Assist keeps you from venturing outside of your lane.
  • How do you use Mercedes lane Keep Assist?

    Part of a video titled How-To: Active Lane Keeping Assist | Mercedes-Benz Canada - YouTube
    Press the button on the panel to the left of your steering wheel. If. The vehicle sensors detect youMorePress the button on the panel to the left of your steering wheel. If. The vehicle sensors detect you're crossing broken lane markings. The steering wheel will vibrate to alert. You.
  • What is the most important safety feature on a car for saving lives?

    Although the aforementioned features, and countless others developed since man first relieved horse with horsepower, no doubt save lives, the most important safety feature in any car is the one with the steering wheel in its hands and the pedals underfoot.12 sept 2008
  • Why does Mercedes tell you to take a break?

    ATTENTION ASSIST® uses sensors to learn about your driving habits and can detect if driver fatigue is causing you to make small errors behind the wheel. If the system detects these common driver-fatigue-related errors, it will encourage you to take a break from your journey.

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