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  • MOhd Nazeri
    Some lane departure warning/lane keeping assist systems are activated by pressing a button, while others are automatically activated when you turn on your car. This button will have an indicator light to show when the system is active.
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  • Does the GLE have Distronic?

    With DISTRONIC PLUS®, your Mercedes-Benz E-Class or Mercedes-Benz GLE will automatically brake and accelerate, thus keeping a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front.
  • What is Mercedes blind spot assist?

    Blind Spot Assist^^ is a standard feature that supports drivers on multi-lane roads. In addition to a head-check, the system provides additional assurance with visual and audible warning signals that helps identify an unseen vehicles in the blind spot.
  • What does Lane Assist feel like?

    The alert can be heard as a ding, seen as a light on the dash or even felt as a steering wheel vibration. Lane-keep assist is a more intelligent feature. If you begin to cross a lane without a turn signal, this technology will gently pull your vehicle back inside the lane.16 abr 2019
  • How do you fix Lane Keeping Assist inoperative?

    This can often be resolved simply by stopping the car, turning the ignition off, waiting for 5 minutes to let on-board computer restart all the calculations and restarting your car.11 nov 2019
  • Why does Mercedes have a front camera?

    The Mercedes-Benz dashcam system consists of a front and a rear-facing camera, recording events ahead of and behind the vehicle during the journey. The Mercedes-Benz dashcam can safely document accidents, attempts to commit insurance fraud or critical incidents in traffic.

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