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    Supercruise Assist also includes a "Hyperspace Dethrottle" feature that, when activated, will automatically bring the ship to a stop outside a system's main star after a hyperspace jump. This can be toggled on or off in the Flight Assistance subsection of the Systems Panel.
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  • What is Mercedes seat comfort package?

    The Seat Comfort package improves seating comfort on journeys, both long and short, by providing the seats with more options for ergonomic individualisation and for adjustment to the desired seat position. Features of the Seat Comfort package: Front passenger seat height adjustment.
  • How do I activate Mercedes blind spot assist?

    Part of a video titled GLC: Blind Spot Assist - Mercedes-Benz original - YouTube
    Active Blind Spot Assist can be activated or deactivated. Using the buttons on the multifunctionMoreActive Blind Spot Assist can be activated or deactivated. Using the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel to access the assistance menu of the instrument.
  • How do you turn the Lane Assist off on a Mercedes?

    Press “Ok” on the left-side of your steering wheel, then press “Ok” again to disable (or enable) the Mercedes-Benz Attention Assist® system.
  • What does Lane Assist feel like?

    The alert can be heard as a ding, seen as a light on the dash or even felt as a steering wheel vibration. Lane-keep assist is a more intelligent feature. If you begin to cross a lane without a turn signal, this technology will gently pull your vehicle back inside the lane.16 abr 2019
  • Do self-driving cars use GPS?

    Tracking Positions With the Global Positioning System

    Self-driving cars can use GPS to geolocate with numerical coordinates (e.g. latitude, longitude) representing their physical locations in space. They can also navigate by combining real-time GPS coordinates with other digital map data (e.g. via Google Maps).
    3 mar 2021

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