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  • Mohamad Ridwan Samad
    10 automakers fulfill automatic emergency braking pledge ahead of schedule
    Percent of vehicles produced Sept. 1 to Aug. 31 with AEB, as reported by manufacturer for light-duty vehicles weighing 8,500 pounds or lessPercent of 2021 models with standard AEB, as compiled by Consumer Reports
    17 dic 2020
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  • What is Mercedes blind spot assist?

    Blind Spot Assist^^ is a standard feature that supports drivers on multi-lane roads. In addition to a head-check, the system provides additional assurance with visual and audible warning signals that helps identify an unseen vehicles in the blind spot.
  • Can you add driver assist to a car?

    In this article: We'll discuss our top picks for adding aftermarket driver assistance gear to your vehicle. ou'll find lots of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) features like blind spot alerts and collision avoidance in new cars.
  • What makes a car safe in a crash?

    He says there are three key aspects to safety: protecting the occupant, protecting the passenger compartment, and having effective crumple zones to absorb energy. “Crumple zones are essentially the front structure of the vehicle, from the bumper to the base of the windshield,” says Lindsey.21 feb 2017
  • How do you use lane change assist?

    The Lane Keep Assist button is either on the center of the dashboard or on the right of the touchscreen. To turn the feature on, press the button once. To override the feature, move the steering wheel in the desired direction to steer back into your lane or change lanes.27 mar 2019
  • Does Lane Assist affect steering?

    What is it? Lane-keep alerts are simple visual and audio notifications that let the driver know their car is crossing over into another lane without signalling. The more advanced and increasingly common lane-keep assist function actually self-corrects the car's steering by nudging it back toward the centre of the road.31 jul 2018

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