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    Pay attention to warnings: Have you received the “Some driver-assist systems cannot operate” warning? This means that some Honda Sensing features have been temporarily turned off. Usually, this means that the sensors are blocked by salt, snow, or ice.12 dic 2019
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  • What is active lane change assist?

    Active Lane Change Assist.

    Within the next ten seconds, the sensor system checks together with the driver whether the next lane is clear in front of, alongside and behind the vehicle, also taking into account the speed of any other vehicles.
    22 nov 2019
  • Is lane Keeping Assist worth it?

    Although streets full of self-driving cars are decades away, lane-keeping assist is a useful benefit of driverless technology. According to a 2014 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) research report, 40% of fatal crashes involved drivers who erroneously strayed from their lane.5 nov 2021
  • What type of crash does lane departure warning prevent?

    Lane-departure warning systems lower the rates of three types of passenger car crashes—single-vehicle, side-swipes, and head-on—by 11 percent and cut injuries in those same types of crashes by 21 percent, the study found.23 ago 2017
  • How do you turn on the cup heater in a Mercedes?

    To switch on the heating function: press and hold button 3 until the red indicator lamp on the button lights up. To switch off the function: press and hold button 3 until the indicator lamp on the button goes out. When the heating function is used, the metal insert of the cup holder is heated.
  • Can Lane Departure Warning LDW be turned off?

    Lane-Departure Warning Is a Turn-Off Feature for Most Owners

    Of the inspected vehicles equipped with the feature, only one third had lane-departure warning turned on.
    28 ene 2016

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