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    Premium 2 Package (Q02)
    • Air Balance Package.
    • Parking Assist Package Code.
    • Power Rear-Window Sunshade.
    • Electric Trunk Closer.
    • LED Intelligent Light System.
    • Hands-Free Access.
    • Lighting Package Code.
    • Blind Spot Assist.
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  • How do I reset my blind spot monitor?

    Turn off your vehicle's engine and wait a few seconds.

    After waiting a few seconds, try turning your car on and giving it a second to re-calibrate.
    7 mar 2022
  • Can you retrofit lane assist?

    It can be retrofitted in cars like Golf Mk7, Tiguan, Passat B8, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia. Please contact us before ordering Front Lane Assist Camera Retrofit Kit to check your car compatibility and booking time. Windscreen replacement is required and we will supply only genuine OEM windscreen.
  • How does lane change assist?

    How Lane Keep Assist Helps. Lane Keep Assist is made possible by a camera sensor that is mounted behind the windshield in front of the rear-view mirror. The camera is able to detect lane lines on the road ahead. The system operates when your vehicle is moving faster than 37 miles per hour.27 mar 2019
  • Which car company has the best lane keep assist?

    The brands that do lane keeping best are Tesla, Cadillac, Hyundai, and Volvo, according to a survey of CR members conducted last year, collecting data on experiences with more than 84,000 vehicles.5 nov 2021
  • At what speed does lane Keep Assist work?

    approximately 37 mph
    Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning uses a forward-looking camera that's mounted behind your vehicle's windshield, in front of the inside rearview mirror. It works when your vehicle is moving forward in DRIVE above approximately 37 mph on most vehicles.

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