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    All vehicles have blind spots. These are areas or zones on either side of a car that a driver cannot see when looking into the rearview or side-view mirrors. Blind spots are why a driver should always turn their head and check for cars before changing lanes.10 ago 2021
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  • How do I know if my Mercedes has blind spot assist?

    Part of a video titled GLC: Blind Spot Assist - Mercedes-Benz original - YouTube
    Active Blind Spot Assist can be activated or deactivated. Using the buttons on the multifunctionMoreActive Blind Spot Assist can be activated or deactivated. Using the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel to access the assistance menu of the instrument.
  • What is active distance Assist Distronic?

    The Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC is available in the Driving Assistance Package and makes driving easier by adjusting the distance to vehicles ahead. Within a speed range of 0 to 210 km/h, the intelligent assistance system brakes and accelerates automatically.27 ene 2020
  • How do I reset the blind spot on my Mercedes?

    If you are going to tow a trailer or another vehicle you should turn off blind spot assist. To do so you can use the buttons on the steering wheel until you see the option for Blind Spot Assist. Enter this menu and turn it off using the OK button on the left side of the steering wheel.
  • What is the designo Edition for a Mercedes?

    designo is the individualisation range for exclusive paint finishes and high-quality interior appointments. Select materials and skilled craftsmanship hone the design of your Mercedes-Benz and ensure a truly special sensory experience. You get a car of special value – produced to meet your wishes and requirements.
  • How do I disable ACC and LKAS?

    Here's how:
    1. Press the MAIN button on the steering wheel until you see LKAS on the multi-information display.
    2. Press LKAS.
    3. You'll see lane outlines on the display (dotted lines turn solid when the system is ready).
    4. Press the MAIN or LKAS button to turn off the system.

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