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  • Muhamad Suffian
    Use soapy water to clean your sensors just like you would wash your car, taking extra care not to scratch the covers over your camera lenses. Damage from road debris like sand, rocks or other impacts can permanently damage your radar sensors, cameras and other components.20 feb 2018
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  • What speed does lane assist work?

    approximately 37 mph
    What Is Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning? Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning uses a forward-looking camera that's mounted behind your vehicle's windshield, in front of the inside rearview mirror. It works when your vehicle is moving forward in DRIVE above approximately 37 mph on most vehicles.
  • How many airbags does a GLC 300 have?

    Specifications of Mercedes-Benz GLC
    Mileage13.51 km/litreEngine Displ.
    Boot Space580 litresPower Windows
    AirbagsDriver frontal airbag, Front passenger frontal airbag, Driver knee airbag, Drive side airbag, Front passenger curtain airbag, Driver curtain airbag, Rear passenger curtain airbagsABS
    Central LockingYesFog Lamps
  • How does Mercedes Drive Assist work?

    The very first technology of its kind in the industry, Mercedes-Benz ATTENTION ASSIST relies on an algorithm and specialized sensor to detect driver fatigue. During the first few minutes of your drive, the system analyzes your personal driving habits using over 70 different types of parameters.
  • Why is my lane departure light on?

    The lane departure light means the vehicle is detected to be moving out of its current lane without signaling. It may assist to keep you in your lane.9 sept 2016
  • What is Audi tour pack?

    For long distances: the Tour assist package

    The system detects lane markings, roadside structures, vehicles in adjacent lanes and vehicles driving ahead. In construction zones, the Audi Q8 automatically adapts its speed to the traffic situation, taking into account the speed limit.
    7 sept 2018

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