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  • Manjit Randhawa
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    You move it up and down to go left and right push it forward. And leave it there. So what that doesMoreYou move it up and down to go left and right push it forward. And leave it there. So what that does it turns on the auto high beams now your high beams or brights.

    How do you turn on high beams on a Mercedes?

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  • What is the difference between laser and LED lights?

    A single laser beam will emit one color of light, whereas LEDs can display thousands of colors. That said, lasers can emit more than one color if there are different wavelength lasers in the light. Plus, the one color a laser beam emits will be brighter and more focused than the thousands of colors possible with LEDs.
  • How does high beam assist work?

    How does high-beam assist work? A sensor usually mounted on the rear-view mirror detects headlights and rear lights of other vehicles ahead. If the road in front is clear, high-beam headlights are activated, automatically dipping when another vehicle comes into sight.21 feb 2021
  • What are passing beams?

    Dipped-beam (also called low, passing, or meeting beam) headlamps provide a light distribution to give adequate forward and lateral illumination without dazzling other road users with excessive glare. This beam is specified for use whenever other vehicles are present ahead.
  • Is Mercedes A or C-Class better?

    The 2021 Mercedes-Benz A-Class and the 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class are both exceptional compact cars, but it's important to consider every angle. The A-Class is more accessible, more efficient, and rich in technology, but the C-Class comes with more standard features and offers more engine options.
  • What is a digital headlight?

    With a resolution of over one million pixels per headlamp, DIGITAL LIGHT not only creates ideal light conditions for every driving situation; it also extends the visual support from our driving assistance systems.

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