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    It's called adaptive front lighting and works using steering wheel input to follow the curves in theMoreIt's called adaptive front lighting and works using steering wheel input to follow the curves in the road and adjust the light pattern before you turn into it.

    How do you use adaptive headlights?

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  • Why are car LED headlights so expensive?

    Well, the bulb alone can often exceed $100. The higher price comes from the simple fact that xenon light bulbs are much more powerful than a halogen, and while a xenon headlight is designed to last much longer than a halogen, it can still burn out eventually.
  • Why are hid so expensive?

    Why are they so expensive? Xenon HID bulbs are more expensive than halogens due to the different technology and gases used to produce the bulb but on the flip side they do last a lot longer than halogen bulbs.10 mar 2015
  • What is a laser headlight?

    Laser headlights function by using three small blue lasers pointed at a set of mirrors in the front of the headlight system. The mirrors focus the laser light into a lens filled with yellow phosphorus. Yellow phosphorus when excited by the blue laser emits an intense white light.
  • Do LED headlights need beam deflectors?

    Apparently the LED headlights have a much flatter beam spread than regular halogens and do not kick-up on the near side. So you do not need to fit deflectors - you should not dazzle incoming drivers.7 mar 2016
  • What is adaptive high beam?

    Adaptive Highbeam Assist uses continuous input from a camera to automatically vary the range of the high-beam headlamps based on the distance to oncoming vehicles and any vehicles travelling ahead of you.

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