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  • Papye Corcky Romano
    Apparently the LED headlights have a much flatter beam spread than regular halogens and do not kick-up on the near side. So you do not need to fit deflectors - you should not dazzle incoming drivers.7 mar 2016
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  • Are laser headlights better than LED?

    Intense. In terms of brightness intensity, laser lights have the advantage in the LED vs. laser debate. Laser lights can produce 1,000 times the intensity of LEDs, but consume only half as much power.
  • Why are my auto headlights on during the day?

    Sometimes, the sensors do not react quickly enough when daylight is detected, either because the windscreen is dirty – hence limiting the amount of light passing through to the sensor – or the sensors are not sensitive enough. Solving the first problem is easy – just wash your windscreen.21 dic 2016
  • What is automatic light control?

    Automatic lighting controls offer an inexpensive, effec- tive way to minimize lighting costs, by turning unneeded lights off, or in some cases, dimming lights. There are three basic cat- egories of automatic lighting controls: timers, daylight harvest- ing controls and occupancy/vacancy controls.
  • How do I turn off automatic high beams?

    Turning the System On or Off

    To disable the system: When the vehicle is on and parked, pull the headlight lever towards you and hold it for 40 seconds. The auto high-beam indicator blinks twice. To re-enable the system: Pull the headlight lever towards you and hold it for 30 seconds.
  • What is headlight Levelling?

    A headlamp levelling system adjusts the height of the cut-off line to the load condition of the vehicle. This is supposed to avoid blinding oncoming traffic when the vehicle is loaded. Manual and automatic headlamp levelling systems are installed in current vehicle models.

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