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  • Yuginthran
    Adaptive LED Headlights automatically raise the axis of illumination when vehicle speed exceeds 95 km/h. This enhances visibility at a distance, helping drivers to recognize traffic signs and potential hazards earlier.
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  • Which is better LED or Xenon headlights?

    LEDs are about 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and generate less heat. LEDs last longer than either halogens or xenon light, though they become dimmer as they age.26 dic 2020
  • How does high beam assist work?

    How does high-beam assist work? A sensor usually mounted on the rear-view mirror detects headlights and rear lights of other vehicles ahead. If the road in front is clear, high-beam headlights are activated, automatically dipping when another vehicle comes into sight.21 feb 2021
  • What company makes adaptive headlights?

    Adaptive Headlights by Audi

    It's new technology that uses the latest sensors to program the headlights so they only illuminate the most important parts of the road ahead. In effect, a car's high beams would always be on but where they cast their light would vary according to circumstances.
    18 nov 2021
  • What are the newest headlights?

    The “adaptive driving beam headlights” have LED lamps that can focus beams on darkness and lower the intensity of the beams if there's oncoming traffic.15 feb 2022
  • How do you know when dipped headlights are on?

    Dipped headlights

    They get their name as they are angled downwards, towards the road. The switch to turn them on is usually found on a dashboard dial or twisted indicator stalk, although many newer cars have running lights that work without input from the driver.
    26 ago 2020

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