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  • Travis Thong
    Your pocket laser pointer

    So, don't do this at home, or anywhere. Still, the narrow beam will spread out over long distances. Around 100 meters away from a red laser pointer, its beam is about 100 times wider and looks as bright as a 100-watt light bulb from 3 feet away.
    30 mar 2018
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  • Whats the difference between LED and laser?

    The biggest difference between LED and laser lights is the way each one functions. LEDs have a higher output with wider bandwidths, meaning that they can produce a broad range of less-concentrated light. Lasers have a lesser output and a small bandwidth, produced with a tiny pinpoint of light.12 dic 2018
  • What are Mercedes adaptive headlights?

    The system automatically adjusts head light output to maximize visibility for the Mercedes driver and also oncoming traffic. Instead of just switching between high and low beams, the system also actively aims the head lights to project the maximum amount of light without blinding other drivers on the road.1 dic 2008
  • What is LED high performance?

    The LED High Performance headlamps illuminate the roadway evenly and further visually enhance the front design. The LED technology creates a pleasantly bright light. A very good illumination of the road is achieved with both the driving light and the main beams.
  • What is a digital headlight?

    With a resolution of over one million pixels per headlamp, DIGITAL LIGHT not only creates ideal light conditions for every driving situation; it also extends the visual support from our driving assistance systems.
  • Do LED headlights need beam deflectors?

    Apparently the LED headlights have a much flatter beam spread than regular halogens and do not kick-up on the near side. So you do not need to fit deflectors - you should not dazzle incoming drivers.7 mar 2016

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