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    The unique, new MULTIBEAM LED headlamps combine the best lighting technologies. They are exceptionally bright and automatically illuminate the road surface with a previously unsurpassed, precision-controlled distribution of light – without dazzling others.28 jun 2014
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  • What are Audi laser headlights?

    Unlike traditional headlights or even LED lights, which use bulbs and diodes, respectively, Audi's laser lights use a literal laser that shines its beam through a phosphor converter. That creates a light at 5,500 kelvin, which is a very white, almost blue-ish white light.13 sept 2021
  • Which type of headlights are best for night vision?

    LED and HID bulbs give the best coverage in comparison to standard bulbs, and they also extend the distance of vision at night, especially in dimly lit areas or off-road where there is no lighting available.
  • Which car bulb glows brighter?

    Xenon lamps are more expensive than halogen but they generally last longer and are more efficient. As seen with tube lights, these lamps too have a small delay before lighting up and take some time to come to full brightness, which is why the high and passing beams generally get an additional halogen bulb.3 may 2017
  • Does Mercedes illuminated star stay on Drive?

    It stays on when the lights are on and car is running.23 ago 2015
  • What is adaptive high beam?

    Adaptive Highbeam Assist uses continuous input from a camera to automatically vary the range of the high-beam headlamps based on the distance to oncoming vehicles and any vehicles travelling ahead of you.

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