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  • Daphin chia
    The biggest difference between LED and laser lights is the way each one functions. LEDs have a higher output with wider bandwidths, meaning that they can produce a broad range of less-concentrated light. Lasers have a lesser output and a small bandwidth, produced with a tiny pinpoint of light.12 dic 2018
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  • What are the special features of digital light?

    DIGITAL LIGHT has a light module with three extremely powerful LEDs in each headlamp, whose light is refracted and directed by 1.3 million micro-mirrors. The resolution is therefore more than 2.6 million pixels per vehicle. The micro-mirrors occupy the same area as a thumbnail.16 jun 2021
  • Why does fog help us see laser beams?

    The beam must be of a wavelength that is visible to humans, and fog or dust scatters the light very strongly so that you can see it.30 ene 2012
  • What do Adaptive LED headlights do?

    Increased Visibility - Adaptive LED headlights emit more light, giving you increased visibility in low-light situations. They also pivot toward the direction you're driving, making it easier to see around curves and corners. Safety - Typically, adaptive LED headlights contain a sensor that detects oncoming traffic.24 jun 2021
  • Which Mercedes has digital light?

    Digital Light

    The S-Class comes standard with matrix LED headlights that use 84 LED modules, effectively offering 84 pixels of resolution for light accuracy and quality when emitted from the car.
    2 sept 2020
  • Why do my headlights move up and down when I start my car?

    Adaptive headlights actually follow the direction of your vehicle as you drive. They react to the steering, speed and elevation of the car and automatically adjust so the road is always properly illuminated.26 nov 2007

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