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  • Khairul Eizani
    LASER Driving Lights – Everything You Need to Know.

    Laser technology make a massive improvement to the amount of distance you can get out of your spot-beam light, (around 2000mtrs), and the led's around the lights give you a spread of light across each side of the road.
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  • What do Audi laser headlights do?

    The car's optional LED Matrix headlights are the latest in high-illumination, low-energy technology. And they're kind of stylish, adding a distinctive signature look to the front of the car. They also have a cool new technology breakthrough: laser high beams. With them, the Audi can better illuminate dark roads.31 mar 2019
  • How do you Aline headlights on a car?

    As you stand in the front of the car, have the assistant turn the headlights off. Next, put the dark cloth or cardboard over one headlight, and have the assistant turn the headlights on. Find the adjusting screw and turn the screws slowly clockwise to raise the height of the lights or counterclockwise to lower them.12 feb 2021
  • Are laser headlights better than LED?

    Intense. In terms of brightness intensity, laser lights have the advantage in the LED vs. laser debate. Laser lights can produce 1,000 times the intensity of LEDs, but consume only half as much power.
  • What is intelligent light system?

    The Intelligent Lighting System (ILS) is one of the most advanced lighting and energy management systems available today. System intelligence is built into every luminaire, monitoring and reacting to occupancy, pre-selected light levels and changes in ambient daylight levels.
  • What is adaptive lighting system?

    The adaptive lighting system is a safety system designed to help you see more clearly at night without affecting other drivers. The system may also help the driver to see more of the corner when turning.21 ene 2020

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