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  • ken wong
    Adaptive headlights are very nice, though, even without the IHT. They'll see incoming cars or cars in the same lane and turn off the high beams. And they'll shine cornering lights when you turn the wheel. If you're tight on money, it's not absolutely necessary, but they are a nice-to-have option.11 oct 2017
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  • How far can laser light travel?

    Your pocket laser pointer

    So, don't do this at home, or anywhere. Still, the narrow beam will spread out over long distances. Around 100 meters away from a red laser pointer, its beam is about 100 times wider and looks as bright as a 100-watt light bulb from 3 feet away.
    30 mar 2018
  • Can you turn off automatic headlights?

    The only way to turn this feature off is to have a dealer hook it up to his computer and disable the daytime running lights. Good luck from Bovan. 24 people found this helpful. 50 people found this helpful.
  • Which type of headlights are best for night vision?

    LED and HID bulbs give the best coverage in comparison to standard bulbs, and they also extend the distance of vision at night, especially in dimly lit areas or off-road where there is no lighting available.
  • What is a smart headlight?

    Adaptive driving beam (ADB) headlights—also called smart headlights—shine as brightly as traditional lights with the high beams on, but they feature new technology that keeps any extra glare from shining into the eyes of drivers in oncoming cars.18 abr 2019
  • What is automatic light control?

    Automatic lighting controls offer an inexpensive, effec- tive way to minimize lighting costs, by turning unneeded lights off, or in some cases, dimming lights. There are three basic cat- egories of automatic lighting controls: timers, daylight harvest- ing controls and occupancy/vacancy controls.

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